Monday, April 2, 2012

Rainbow Camera Strap! (And kind of a tutorial...)

So, a while ago, I got this old Canon film camera.  Well I was taking pictures one day with said camera and I thought to myself,

"Self, you should make a strap for this camera so you don't drop it and break it." 

 I'm a genius sometimes.  So that's exactly what I did.  I hopped into "the car" (story on that to come at a later date) and drove to my nearest Joann's.

As it turns out, Joann's had pretty much nothing in the way of supplies Tacie needed.  So I went to Michael's.  Same story.  Then Hobby Lobby.  You guessed it.  Nothing.  I then thought to the world, "Why world?  Why do you hate me so much???"

So back to Joann's I went and I got crafty.  Here we go for the part tutorial:
(I say part because I have no pictures and I'm just going to tell you what I did.)

Fixins to make yourself your very own camera strap:

  • 2 yards of your choice of webbing (you could probably do it with 1.5 but I'd say 2 to be safe.  Plus then you have extra to make more stuff :)
  • 2 D rings (get them to fit the size of your webbing)
  • 2 Overall clips
  • 2 smallish key rings
  • A nifty camera to attach it to
Well then let's get to it!

I measured out about how long I wanted it to hang down, then added on about 4 inches to go through the overall clips.  Easy.  Then thread either side through a clip and you're halfway there!

Now comes the tricky part: (but still not so tricky, so don't worry.)

Take the button part of your overall straps and measure it like shown below so it makes a circle-ish shape.  At the part the button goes through, there'll be three layers of the webbing.  Attach button as package directs and make sure you don't forget to thread the D ring in there too!  Once you've done this, you're done!  Using the key rings, attach to camera then hook the overall clip to the button and you're ready to start taking pictures like a wanna-be pro!  (At least that's how I take pictures...)

The pieces unclipped

The camera by itself without strap

The camera strap in action:

Me, attempting to take a self picture...

Me, after I got my brother to take pictures... :)

And I'll leave you with one last picture...


So, now you can make yourself your own awesome rainbow camera strap and tell me all about it when you do!  And feel free to ask questions if it's slightly confusing... I know it can be when there aren't pictures.

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