Thursday, April 26, 2012

And the Realization Hits Like Lightning

How is it that an idea can become so fixed in our minds that we can't see the obvious right in front of us?  But that's just the human experience, isn't it?  To judge others without really getting to know them.  To go on making your life miserable just because of pride and a tendency to be stubborn?

Recently, I discovered that I have pegged someone all wrong.  

This friend, and yesterday, I know I wouldn't have called her a friend, is a genuinely good person, someone who I aim to get to know much better in the near future.  But you see, I was stuck up, not realizing what a good opportunity I have been missing by not getting to know said person.  I look back on all I thought about her and realize it was just some absurd notion thought up in my proud little head.  

Suddenly, my thoughts have turned to others I have possibly judged unfairly.  And I wonder, how many times have I based someone upon a single action.  Something they did once and I can't seem to forget it?  Way too many for me to feel good about myself.  And if I'm doing this so often, how many of my stupid moments have stuck in others minds giving them some twisted version of who I really am.  

I mean, if I expect others to give me a chance, I kind of have to give them one first, eh?

The logical thought process of this situation brings my mind very unwillingly onto a new subject.  There is someone who is at the back of my mind, practically exploding and it's all I can do to try and not think about it, because I know that I'm not going to like where it takes me.  But here it goes:  

I have based this person's entire being on one single action and while it wasn't just some small thing, I mean, I was quite offended at this, it still needs to be forgotten.  And if the talk in sacrament meeting last week on forgiveness wasn't enough, then it quite possibly might take a sledgehammer to my pride to get it through to me.  Get over it Tacie.

Now is where you come in.  Because if this little pity party has sparked that little guilty feeling in your mind, I'm guessing you need to get over something too.  So give it a try.  I'm going to, so we might as well attempt the seemingly impossible feat together, eh?

And I promise the regularly scheduled sarcasm and wit will be back soon.

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  1. awesome challenge! its crazy how wrong we can be about people and we just hope that they aren't wrong about us.. :)