Monday, April 2, 2012

a fresh start

Sometimes I wish I could forget life for a moment, simply throw caution to the wind, put on my sunglasses and go on a nice long road trip. Now, I won't mention all the problems this daydream contains (no money, no sense of direction, no food to take with me, not enough good music for such a long ride, oh wait, I said I wouldn't list it...) But hey, I can still daydream, right? At least I can attempt to squeeze it in between writing papers, researching for writing papers, cursing my teachers for giving me homework and counting down until Spring Break. That's about all that's keeping me sane right now.

So instead of writing the usual "My friends all have blogs, so I decided to get one" (which was not the case, mind you) I decided to introduce myself to you with some words and some sarcasm. (And of course, some rambling, because we all know Tacie can't not ramble)

What I'm Lovin:

Road Trips
Long Hair (on girls of course, not guys. Ew.)
Globes (I don't know why, but I have a weird fascination with globes... Especially old ones)
Leather Bracelets
Bright Colors
The Black Keys
Crocheting (And I'm 17. You got that right. Crocheting ain't for old ladies no more!)
Spring Break

What I'm Hatin:

Cauliflower (It's nasty)
Feet (I guess it's a family trait, or something like that)
The name Tracie (No offence to you with that lovely name, but you see, seeing as how my name is very similar to it, I get it a lot. A lot. And I'd really just rather be called Tacie.)

What I do:

I'm a student. That's about it.

Now, since this is even longer than I had planned, I think I'll end it there. Yup. Sounds good.

That's Tacie, signing off.

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