Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Death of the Sugar Cookie House

We don't always destroy gingerbread (or sugar cookie) houses, but when we do, we do it in style.  Actually, we always destroy our gingerbread houses.  It's become a tradition.  We've blown them up with firecrackers, run over them with vehicles... We get a strange little kick out of destroying these things.  So this cute little Easter Sugar Cookie house (yeah, I know Easter was a while ago, and yes, it has been sitting around our house since then...) ended it's life with the same fate.  We ran over it.  With a truck.  But enough words, you want to see pictures and video, huh?  Well, here ya go...



 The Damage:

The Video:

Pfffttt.  (That's the sound you hear when it gets run over.)  Oh, and that voice you hear in the background, that's my Auntie Carol.  She's funny. :)

Ha ha!  Oh dear, you've gotta love my family.  And I hope you enjoyed watching this completely random post.  Because I have.  Immensely.

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