Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fairies and Tails

When I was younger, fairy tales were a huge source of confusion for me.  Because as far as I knew, fairies did not have tails.  Dogs had tails, but fairies did not.  Horses even had tails, but fairies did not.  Anyways, this random tangent is only a lead in to an even more random story.

It's the story of a princess named Gretchen.

As all good stories do, this one starts out once upon a time in a far away land.  There was a queen and king of the land, and of course they had a beautiful daughter, just as there always is, but in this story, we have a twist.  You see, Gretchen wasn't a normal princess.  Gretchen had big dreams and big demands.  She was determined that no prince would ever save her from a hundred foot tall tower, and she would never depend on one to wake her up from endless sleep.  And she dabbled a bit in the art of magic.

One day, Gretchen was sitting in her chambers, determined to master the spell of a self cleaning room (kind of like those self cleaning ovens, but not really) when suddenly she heard a shout outside her window. She ignored it because it must have been her annoying brother, Marshall.  He was always being, well, annoying.  So on she went practicing her spell.  At least until she heard the shout again, this time more clearly.

"Gretchen!  Come to the window!"

She figured her room cleaning spell was not getting any better and she might as well go check out the situation.  She walked to the window and saw only a horse.  She looked around, rolled her eyes and muttered, "dumb brothers!" and began to turn around.


Gretchen twirled around as fast as she could and still saw only the horse.  But this time the horse was... smiling.  Could horses do that?

She stared down the horse, daring it to make a sound, and when nothing happened, she laughed.  How silly of me, Gretchen thought.  To think a horse could talk!  But she still did not remove her eyes from the horse.

Suddenly, out of thin air, a man appeared on the horse.  Gretchen squealed.  That was impossible!  Appearing out of thin air!  Almost like... magic.

The magic man then smiled his debonair smile and smoothed his manly hair in a very annoying manner and suddenly Gretchen felt the very strong urge to walk away.  Yet something held her in place.

"Gretchen Willow, I need you to come with me."  Oh dear. This could not be good.

That's all of Gretchen's story I can tell today.  I'm terribly sorry to leave you hanging like that, but not enough to tell you anymore.  So check in soon if you want to hear more...

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