Friday, October 5, 2012

I Wrote This Yesterday...

There comes a point in everyone's lives where they think to themselves:

What the Heck is going on in my life?

That day for me was today.

Today I'm supposed to sign up for the SAT, write an essay I could seriously care less about, Finish half of an online class (which isn't going to happen by the way)... OH!  And try to act like a normal person who doesn't bite people's heads off when they talk to you.

(Let's just say I didn't do well on my goal to be less sarcastic today.)

One out of four is looking pretty good right now.  I signed up for the SAT.  Oh, but UVU was completely full so I have to go to Sandy to take a test to maybe get a scholarship.  Maybe.

This is what I get for thinking "Dang!  I have a really easy senior schedule!" on Monday.  Word of advice:  Never even think those words or life decides to play a cruel, cruel joke on you.  Well played, life.  Well played.  Or should I say:  I kind of hate you right now...  It's one of those.

But you know what?  I'm so excited for college.  I'm ready to move out, to learn for myself and to get started on real life.  I mean, high school is totally real life, right?  Ha.  Ha.  Ha.

On a lighter note:  I wrote a killer essay for a scholarship earlier this week.  It reaffirms the feeling I got when I saw I got a 5 on the AP Language test.  (Which- might I add- the feeling was quickly abandoned upon re-entering Mr. Rutter's Creative Writing class...)  So there's one thing I actually feel good about this week.  Scratch that- there's the only thing I feel good about this week.

But- now I have to go write an essay.  Joy.

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