Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Story of a Senior and Her Random Doings

Once upon a time there was a girl named Tacie.  She had just started her senior year of high school and she was excited/nervous/in denial/pumped/crazy/slightly scared.  After her first three days of high school, she was ready to graduate.  You see, she already had 18 pages of statistics text book to read, Spanish grammar to study, a shirt to design, photos to take and was anticipating more in the week to come.  Much. Much. More.  So decided to take a look at BYU's wonderful webpage and look at what she wanted to do with her life after this wonderful year of high school.

She pondered studying Russian.  You see, when in the Russian program, you have to go to Russia for at least one semester.  Then I could work for the CIA and spy on the Russians... hopefully no one dangerous reads that and takes me seriously... Cause you know I wouldn't really spy on you guys.... heh heh...

Then I decided to take a look at Astronomy.  I like stars.  I like telescopes.  But I HATE math.  And do you know how much math and science you have to take to become an Astronomer?  A whole stinking lot.  I might as well become a nuclear physicist for that much work...

So I looked at International Relations.  Wow.  Rough.  Enough said.

Graphic design looked interesting, but of course I already knew that... So onward.

Photography looked cool too.  But you don't get a whole lot of money out of photography.  Unless you work for Nat Geo.  And getting a job as a photographer for them is like trying to get into Oxford with a 2.7 GPA.  Almost impossible.

So by this point, Tacie is getting more and more stressed out trying to figure out what in the world she wants to be when she grows up.  So I stopped looking because you know what?  I have no idea.  At all.  But if you know about a way to get paid to travel and do cool stuff, let me know about it, ok?  Thanks.  You're the best.

Oh and by the way, we have 177 days of school left.

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  1. How about write a book reviewing restrooms on the way to and from places, so we all know where to stop and not to stop. You could call it "To go or not to go...."
    Yep, that's 100% my idea, I want credit when you become rich and famous.